A failed support system

November 27, 2018

27 November 2018 – Alex Munro is a 26 year old male looking to get help with his mental health issues.

I HAVE TRIED to get help at least 30 times through my local district health board (DHB) in the last 12 months. I have also tried to go to a number of organisations to get help.

I have made complaints. I have got my GP and support people to ask but they all keep saying that I don’t need support or meet the criteria and they don’t tell you the criteria is when asked

Some of the people I have reached out to are my local MP and a few other MPs, a lawyer, a judge, a counsellor, a few psychologists

I have had a lot of support in the past with mental health teams but when I turned 18 they decided that for whatever reason I don’t qualify for support so in my opinion there is a disconnect in support during the transition from youth to adult.

When I had beneficial support from the DHB they cancelled the support even though it was going well. I have recently got people saying that hang on a minute there is more going on here but people do not like criticising people because it is the health system at fault.

If I had the funding or resources, I would get a few new assessments to see if any of my old assessments have changed.

I am also looking at fundraising so I can go privately as the public system has failed me so far.

This article is to shine a light on the broken mental health system and the disconnect with other organisations. I have a number of recommendations to fix the system but I doubt that the people who make the decision will listen.

I have heard from certain people who work alongside the health system that a second look at my case should be warranted because there should be an underlying problem in their opinion.

I am very interested in the results and implementation of the mental health review. I would like to work and help implement any and all changes when we have the recommendations. I would love to read the draft unredacted version when it is ready and then the final unredacted version.

The NZ Police are more supportive than mental health services. If I had a wish I would like to have a police support system 24/7.

I would create an inclusive environment where I could go and have a chat and meet a police dog as dogs are therapeutic to healing. Obviously this would be all volunteers in a police room.

I am thankful for some of the supports I do have. I am thankful for the ongoing support from my GP and support workers.

I am thankful to the NZ Police for their ongoing support and hope it continues in the future.

  • Alex Munro is 26 years old
  • This article appeared in the Altogether Autism Journal, Issue 3 2018


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