Accessible autism friendly shopping experiences at The Warehouse

November 29, 2019

The Warehouse Group and Altogether Autism have partnered to better understand the needs of neuro-diverse customers and parents.

Carole from The Warehouse in Anglesea St, Hamilton chats with Altogether Autism national manager Catherine Trezona.

Tanya Colvin, head of team member wellbeing at The Warehouse and Altogether Autism national manager Catherine Trezona recently visited several Warehouse stores to look at ways to create a more accessible shopping experience for New Zealand’s 80,000 strong autism community.

“We are excited to be working with Altogether Autism to help us improve our customer experience for the autism community. In early 2020 we will start by trialling a low-sensory autism friendly shopping hour in selected Warehouse stores and our goal is to roll it out across all stores after the six week trial,” said Tanya.

“The response from the autism community about this new initiative has been really positive and appreciative,” said Catherine.

“Shopping for people with access needs can be a nightmare, and relatively small accommodations can make all the difference.

“Autistic people and families have given me an ambitious wish-list for changes, and I know Tanya and her team at The Warehouse are committed to doing all they can to respond to these ideas.”


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