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April 17, 2023

Celebrate with us Autism Appreciation month

Celebrate with us Autism Appreciation month

This year we are marking April with an emphasis on not just awareness and acceptance, but an appreciation of everything autism.

Joining forces for a greater good with collaborators Mila’s Books, Māoriland Film, and doodlewear, we hope to move beyond creating awareness and acceptance about the autistic community, and instead focus on recognising and appreciating how much better our world is with their contribution.

Dubbed “Together we create great things”, the campaign kicked off on World Autism Awareness Day, which falls on April 2 every year, and features 18 personal accounts from autistic people, their caregivers and professionals such as advocacy leaders and business owners. 

We know that the month of April can be difficult for many autistic people and their families, as international awareness days can be overwhelming.  But we also embrace April as an opportunity for a dedicated conversation, appreciation and celebration of autistic achievements and experiences.

Our conviction is that communities can only flourish when people can be their true authentic selves – when everyone is thriving and feeling valued, respected, and included!

Read the press release on our website here.



What can I do this April for Autism Appreciation?

There’s plenty to do this April to celebrate autistic people.  If you’re autistic, share a story or some information on your social media under the #AutismAppreciation hashtag.  If you don’t have anything to share from your own experiences, you can print or reshare this poster to help spread awareness of Autism Appreciation Month.  Chat with family and friends about the ways your autism appears in your every day life.

We’re also hosting an arts competition inspired by the amazing ‘I Am Me’ poem by Allanah Sutton.  Please make a submission so we can further view and showcase your amazing work at the end of the month! Email us at .

If you’re not autistic, now’s a great chance to learn a little more.  Check out our Information Hub to get some more information, and ask the autistic people in your life about their experiences with autism.


Video Interviews

We ran a serise of interviews with several autistic people from a variey of fields.  It’s important to spotlight autistic voices and share their unique stories. You may view the full playlist here on our YouTube channel.

Video contributors include:

  • Haz Crawford (Art Curator, Golfer)
  • Nan Jensen (Lawyer, Autistic Advisor)
  • Sonja Howard (Creature artist)
  • Rachael Wiltshite (Researcher, Live Chat Agent)
  • Timothy Folkema (Activist, Musician, Autistic Advisor)
  • Tahuaroa Ohia (Filmmaker)


Autistic People Answer Videos

Hobbies and Interests                                             Strengths

How do you personally view autism?


Introductory videos 
Haz Crawford                                                           Nan Jensen

Sonja Howard                                                          Rachael Wiltshire

Tahuaora Ohia                                                         Timothy Folkema


View how we celebrated in previous years: 
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Need More Information?

We are autism specialists and can provide you with trusted information for free. Our research and information team are available to answer any questions you have about autism.

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