Creating a personalised social story about going back to school

Many children may be feeling anxious or worried about going back to school today, writes researcher Emily Acraman.

18 May 2020 – Here are some suggestions for creating your own personalised social story for your children to help prepare them for the transition back to school.

Suggested Story:

It is safe to go back to school: a social story

  • Most people have been staying at home because of a virus that makes people sick.
  • I stayed home from school and most of the grown-ups stayed home from work. (you could personalise this further, i.e mum and dad stayed home from work).
  • We stayed at home for a long time and now the virus has been contained and is being kept away from me and my family.
  • Most people are well, and it is safe for me to be around my friends and family.
  • It is safe for me to go back to school.
  • Most of my classmates will be back at school too.
  • When I am back at school there are things I can do to make sure I am extra safe and healthy.
  • I can wash my hands often.
  • I can sneeze or cough into my elbow.
  • I can listen to my teacher about new rules to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • I can stay at home if I am feeling sick.
  • It is good that we stayed at home and kept our selves healthy and safe.
  • It is good that I can go back to school.
  • When I go back to school, I can play with my friends. (personalise this last statement with something specific your child may be looking forward to, i.e. playing on the playground, learning new things, seeing their teacher. You could also change the statement around, for example, when I go back to school, my teacher or my friends will be happy to see me).


Here are a few good apps which you can download to create your own social story using pictures or photos.


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