Autistic Talent Search


We are seeking expressions of interest from autistic individuals looking for a career in the New Zealand hospitality industry.

We are particularly interested in individuals who live a commutable distance to Wellington or who would be willing to relocate to Wellington.

If you are an autistic individual interested in working in the hospitality industry as a:

  • room attendant
  • food and beverage attendant
  • receptionist
  • concierge
  • or chef.

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  • The questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.
  • Please complete the questionnaire if you are aged 18 years or older, have a diagnosis of autism or identify as autistic and live in New Zealand.

Altogether Autism has partnered with Specialisterne Australia to develop this expression of interest questionnaire to determine whether there are autistic individuals looking for work in the hospitality industry nationally and more specifically in the Wellington region.

Our aim is to enable hospitality jobs for autistic adults in the future. This information will help us to achieve that.

We are in the process of finding employers to work with in New Zealand as we know many autistic individuals are facing barriers to employment via the traditional recruitment process.

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During June and July 2017, we posted three employment surveys online to learn more about the employment of autistic talent in New Zealand and to gather information about talented autistic adults ready to work in New Zealand.

“We all have gifts and talents that can shine if given the chance”

“We need someone to believe in us and take a chance”

At the end of the survey, respondents were asked their opinion on how organisations could make workplaces more supportive and autism friendly. The main suggestions were:

  • Understanding, awareness and acceptance of autism
  • Appreciation and recognition of special skills and talents that autistic people contribute to the workplace
  • Providing workplace accommodations, i.e., managing lighting, noise etc. To improve comfort and productivity, providing a safe place for time out, compact and private office space etc.
  • Adapting the interview process
  • Flexible working hours
  • Clear and direct instructions, providing written instruction instead of verbal
  • Training for team leaders/supervisors to communicate clearly with the autistic employees
  • Autism awareness training for the staff
  • Non-judgemental, open minded attitude
  • Matching the individual skill set to suitable jobs

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