Fresh topics at autism training

May 24, 2019

PRISM TRAINING: L-r Olena Timofieieva, Celso Agosto, Robbie Beluso, Jaqueline Civil, Sheila Agosto Catherine Trezona, Sanam Bagherian, Nerren Barola, Cecilia Duenas, Rochelle Manulat, Mary Jo Matullano. Telita Brahne (sitting).

Creative Abilities is a dedicated team who work alongside people who have physical and/or intellectual impairments. The team works in partnership with individuals to create a friendly, stimulating, happy and safe environment by providing a holistic service.

Clinical training and development officer Ronald Rey says the team assists people to live a quality lifestyle, providing support in all aspects of daily living, including opportunities to meet with others and participate in the local community.

“We learned new things from the PRISM training that enables us to understand more about our clients with autism.

“Consequently, we are able to assist them effectively with empathy because of the knowledge we learned from the learning activity.

“The topics are fresh and not the usual information that we get in an autism training,” he said.


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