If I am Lost – Social Story

March 31, 2020

Our autism specialist facilitator Joanne Lawless has come up with some tips around getting lost during COVID-19.

SOMETIMES I get lost. If I am lost, I don’t know where I am, or where I need to be.

I might get lost because I am anxious about the COVID 19 virus and go out of my home.

I might get lost because I am bored with staying at home during the COVID 19 Lockdown and want to take a walk.


It is okay to be afraid or anxious about COVID-19. Most people are afraid, anxious or bored during the pandemic lockdown.

Most people try their best to stay at home. (Mum) and all the people around us are happy when I stay safe at home during lockdown.

I can do my best to tell (Mum) if I feel afraid, anxious or bored. Mum is happy when I tell her how I am feeling.

I might not be able to tell (Mum) how I feel, and I might leave home and I might get lost.

Being lost does not feel nice.

Sometimes when I am lost, I want to hide, I am so anxious.

If I think I am lost it is best if I try to stay in an open area where I can be easily seen. This is good as people will be looking for me, and they will see me better if I am in an open space.

It is okay to feel anxious and upset if I am lost. It is important that I do my best to stay calm and try to think of something that will help me stop being lost.

There are things I can try to help me not be lost they are:

Ask someone for help. It is good to try to find someone who looks like they work where I am lost, or someone in a uniform to ask for help. During the COVID 19 lockdown there might not be a lot of people around. I will do my best to find someone to help.

Sometimes I have my phone with me. I can use this to call (Mum). Sometimes (Mum) might call me on my phone. I can answer the phone and she will be able to find me.

Sometimes I can find a map to look at.If I keep calm, I might be able to remember the way back to where I was not lost.

Sometimes if I can’t do any of these things, it is good if I just stay where I am and wait until other people find me. This is good because I know that when I am lost my (Parents) will be looking for me.

Sometimes people I don’t know will be looking for me too. During the COVID 19 Lockdown it will probably be the police or Army that are looking. This is OK, as they are being helpful.

If I hear someone calling my name, even if I don’t know them it is OK to let them know where I am. These people are helping (Mum) to find me, and they will take me to (Mum).

I know I will be OK if I stay calm and think of what I can do to not be lost. (Mum) is very happy when I stop being lost and we are together again.

  • Joanne Lawless is one of Altogether Autism’s autism specialist facilitator.
  • Read Emily Acraman’s Wandering Behaviour and Autism


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