Poem: I AM ME.

February 24, 2023

The text reads, "I Am Me. A poem by Allanah Sutton."

Below is a poem written by twenty-seven-year-old Allanah Sutton. Over the last three years, Allanah has put a lot of work into her mental wellbeing and learning to not only accept, but to appreciate who she is. She now has an incredible job working with blind and low vision students and is due to get married in April 2023.

This poem is Allanah’s personal experience with the highs and lows of her life. At times, it uses reclaimed language that could be upsetting.

Join us as we celebrate Allanah’s journey.

The text reads, "I Am Me. A poem by Allanah Sutton."



I am autistic and anxious.

I have ADHD and depression.

I am not a retard or a scaredy cat.

I am not annoying or attention seeking.

I see the world through filters you will never understand.

I relate to people with a complexity many miss.

I often feel overlooked and insignificant.

You look and see labels and behaviors.

This is not me.


I am creativity and empathy.

I have skills and understanding you don’t see.

I am not childish or heartless.

I am not stupid or mental.

I look at the world and see colour and wonder and magic.

I look at people and see past, present and future.

I fight for the underdog and stand up for what I believe.

You think I am argumentative or obnoxious or wrong.

Sometimes I am but this is not me.


I am vibrant and fiery.

I have dreams and visions that don’t make sense to you.

I am not making excuses or wanting pity.

I am not looking for a savior or a prince charming.

I look at the world and see the change I can make.

I look to people to be friends but know I am complete without them.

I am autistic and anxious.

I have ADHD and depression.

And I understand them.

They don’t define me.

I define me.



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