Survey results show Journal readers overwhelmingly positive

10 July 2018 – INFORMATIVE, interesting, relevant. These were the three words our readers chose most often to describe the Altogether Autism Journal in the latest reader survey.

A total of 176 readers completed the survey we ran on our website from January 9 to February 28. This is a 36 per cent increase in respondents since our last survey took place in April 2016, and we’re really thrilled by the feedback.

The print version remains the preferred format for Journal readers (52%), although the majority of survey respondents said they read the Journal electronically either via email or on the website (61%).

When asked about the design of the Altogether Autism Journal, 98 per cent of responses were positive with many commenting on the easy-to-read layout and good balance of images and text. However, some readers wanted to see better quality and more variety of photos and images in the Journal.

We were blown away to learn the Altogether Autism Journal is our readers’ second most relied on source of information about autism — ahead of Google, social media, news media, other websites and publications.

Who were our readers?

Over 75 per cent of Altogether Autism Journal readers are a parent or main caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum, and almost 14 per cent of our readers are on the spectrum themselves. Many of these people also identified as professionals working with people on the spectrum or in the autism community – 45 per cent in total.

Of our readers who identified as professionals, 55 per cent said they work in education. But our Journal is also read by support workers, behavioural therapists, health professionals, psychologists and ASD coordinators.

What do they like to read?

Stories from a personal perspective proved to be the most popular type of article with 85 per cent of survey responders indicating they enjoyed reading them. This was closely followed by research articles (79%) and news and event stories (62%). This is a significant change from 2016 when research articles were most popular with readers.

Education, sensory sensitivities, behaviour and support services were the topics our readers most wanted to learn about.

We want to thank everyone who took part in the 2018 readership survey. Your feedback will help shape the future direction of the Altogether Autism Journal so we can continue to deliver an informative, interesting and relevant publication for our valued readers.

Congratulations to our readership survey winner

Jennifer Cole has been reading the Journal online for just over a year. Her daughter, aged five, has only recently been diagnosed.

“Anything about kids on the spectrum and how to cope with being a stressed-out mum and how to help her cope.

“Personally, I’m interested in the mechanics, in the how and why. Most people aren’t interest in that, but I am.

“I’m one of those mums that take in as much information as I can, so I love reading the articles.”

Read the full survey results here.


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