Autism Acceptance 2022

World Autism Acceptance Month 2022

Expressions of AutismAutism Acceptance Month is an event that takes place every April. It has been championed by autistic people, their loved ones, and their allies as an alternative to Autism Awareness.

We understand that this is not the view of all autistics: some prefer to mark Autism Acceptance in a different month, others focus on Autistic Pride Day on June 18th, and some choose not to engage with any of these.

We intend to use this month as an opportunity to focus on sharing autistic voices in a positive and respectful way. To give autistic people control, choosing the narrative they want to share with the world. To focus on inclusivity and creating a community where autistic people are welcomed for who they are.

This month we will share “Te Ihirangaranga Takiwātanga-Expressions of Autism”, a campaign inviting you into the world of autistic expression.


‘Autistics of Aotearoa’

During the month of April, we will present curated content across our digital platforms from Aotearoa’s autistic creative community and explore their very own Te Ihirangaranga Takiwātanga – Expressions of Autism.

“Here at Altogether Autism, our strategic focus is led by autistic voices. There is an urgent need for many more opportunities for autistic voices to be heard. And not just in April. Te Ihirangaranga Takiwātanga – Expressions of Autism is one way we are responding to that need.” explains Catherine Trezona, National Manager, Altogether Autism.


Contributors include:

  • Tamara Grant (Artist)
  • Tahuaroa Ohia (Filmmaker)
  • Sonja Howard (Creature artist)
  • Sophie Maude (Singer & songwriter)
  • Penni Winter (Author)
  • Hamish Boyle (Actor)
  • Jen Lewis (Poet)

These autistic expressions are unique to each autistic and we respect the language they choose to use. So please, no comments if their language choices are different from yours.


Jen Lewis (Poet)


Hamish Boyle (Actor)                  Penni Winter (Author)


Sonja Howard (Creature artist)                  Sophie Maude (Singer & songwriter)


Tahuaroa Ohia (Filmmaker)                  Tamara Grant (Artist)



‘Ask An Autistic’ Virtual Event

We’re wrapping up this year’s series of “Te Ihirangaranga Takiwātanga – Expressions of Autism” with our “Ask an Autistic” event.

Hosted by Rachael Wiltshire, join us, as we celebrate autistic expression in Aotearoa New Zealand.




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