Autism in Aotearoa – are overseas screening tools relevant in New Zealand?

Have you ever wanted to participate in research? Would you like to play a part in understanding more about autism in New Zealand? If you are over 18, and are a NZ citizen, or you live in New Zealand, you are eligible – whether you have a diagnosis of autism or not – we would love your help!

Sarah Kember of Massey University is carrying out a study, with the help of her academic supervisor Dr Williams, looking at the effectiveness of a screening tool for autism. Screening tools play an important part in the overall diagnosis and assessment process, but are usually developed overseas. We need to know more about how well the measures work in New Zealand.

To participate, you can have a formal diagnosis, but you do not need to – the aim is to understand how well the questions on the screening “test” work, not to evaluate you personally. Your participation would be anonymous.

If you are interested find out more, or contact

The feel good factor? for every completed survey, Massey will donate $1 to Altogether Autism.


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