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March 26, 2021

Altogether Autism is highlighting World Autism Acceptance Month as an opportunity to share information and educate the wider community about autism.

We understand that April is not the month of choice for all autistic people but feel it is a great opportunity to share different viewpoints while educating people about autism and autistic culture. Our overall theme for April 2021 is “Authentically Autistic”.

As part of this we would like to run a series called “Autistics of Aotearoa” based on the Humans of New York model, where autistic people share their answers to these questions:

  1. What does being authentically autistic mean to you?
  2. What can people do to show you they accept you as you are?


The series will be posted on our website and will feature on our Instagram and Facebook channels throughout the month.

These answers could include a photo, a short video (2mins max) an image or piece of art or a written answer (written answers may be edited for length). If you are sending a written answer, remember attaching an image will help to capture the audience’s attention. If you are sending a video, these will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and then embedded onto our website.

We want this to be an autistic-led series, this invitation is for all autistic people including those who are non-speaking. If you are supporting someone to be involved please take this opportunity to empower them to decide what they would like to share with the world.

Please send us your responses and then watch our website and social media pages to see your post as we aim to build understanding and acceptance around autism.

Please feel free to share this amongst your contacts of autistic people and their families within New Zealand.

On sending your answer (written, video, photos or images) you are consenting to us sharing these on our website, social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) and our YouTube channel (for video responses only).

We want this to be an empowering and positive series. Altogether Autism will not publish anything that is disrespectful to a person’s right to privacy and/or dignity for example a post of a meltdown, questionable therapies or anything of a negative nature.

Want to be involved?

  • Send your content to us through Live Chat.
  • Visit our website and look for the live chat icon
  • Please include:
    • A name
    • Contact details, either a phone number or email
    • Remember to upload media using the attachment feature along with your answers to the questions (you can choose to answer, one or both). For all videos please upload to We Transfer and send us the link.

1. What does being authentically autistic mean to you?
2. What can people do to show you they accept you as you are?

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


Need More Information?

We are autism specialists and can provide you with trusted information for free. Our research and information team are available to answer any questions you have about autism.

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